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Sill Lighting
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We have been developing lighting and projector systems that fulfil demanding requirements in a sustainable way for more than 50 years.The foundations for this are our world class optics and the fusion of innovative technology with timeless design – and the highest in quality standards.These encompass an environmentally-friendly choice of materials, the unique efficiency of our luminaires and a wide-ranging potential for individual adaptation.

Our award-winning luminaires illuminate outstanding architectural structures all over the world – from Seoul Airport to Berlin’s Olympic Stadium and London’s Royal Albert Hall. Our luminaires are developed and produced at our headquarters in Berlin, Germany. However, with 17 representations in Germany and partners in more than 40 countries around the world, you can be sure that we are always close at hand.

This catalogue provides an overview of our current product range and associated technical data. We also develop custom luminaires for individual projects – naturally with the same high standards as our serial production luminaires

Types of Sill Lighting Products

0. Power Floodlights LED 02S & 02M 

02S and 02M series is 15w and 76w LED parabolic projector with 5 optic selection, LM6 marine grade alloy integral control gear, IP65, RAL9006 silver finish Dali control optional  

02S Series  

02M Series 

1. High Power Projectors for LED 14S, 14M & 14L


14S Series 30w LED 

14M Series  100w LED 


14L Series 250w LED 

High Power Projectors for use in arduous conditions such as ships, harbours, boats, signalling, fire engines and security lighting 120, 130, 131, 132, 133.

2. Plane Projectors for LED  150 ,151  

150 Seres 20/40w LED asymmetrical and batwing  projector 



151 20/40w LED asymmetrical and batwing Projector with decor arm mount 

3. Plane Projectors for LED 153 & 154

154 Series 

4. Projectors for LED 49S , 49M and 49L 

49S Series 30w LED floodlight 

49M series 70w LED  Floodlight 

49Lseries 140w LED floodlight


Plane Projectors for High Pressues Discharge Lamps 401, 412, 423, 449, Asymmetric Plane Projector Series 458, Compact Projector Series 408, Power Line Series 430, Boulevard Projector Series 440, Plane Projector Series 453,455,465, Buried Uplighter Series 480, LED-Colourchanger 486, Power Projector Series 490, 494.

5. Plane projectors for LED 155 ,176 ,177 ,190 & 191  

6. FACDE AND WINDOW LITER 190 & 191 led 24W LED

6. 444 Bollard LED 


Projector Series Atantique 720, 721, 722, 723, 730, 732, Display Projector Series 740, 741, 742, 743, Downlight Series 768, 769, 770, 771, 775, 777, Surface Downlight Series 773, 780, Suspended Downlight Series 540, 595, 790.

7.  Accessories


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